1. The PitchCard is a unique medium enabling customized targeting (1:1) with video by post.

2. Feedback from recipients is very positive and leads to incredibly high response rates.

3. VideoNovum helps top brands sending out personalized video cards to their relations and would be delighted to make your campaign successful too!

4. The average cost-per-lead can be reduced via VideoNovum’s cash-back incentive.

5. VideoNovum’s PitchCards are made in the Netherlands and can be delivered from stock.


PitchCard Mini

Send personalized 1:1
video messages on a

5.5cm x 4.2cm LCD screen.

PitchCard Mini is the perfect video card to connect with your chosen audience.

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PitchCard XL

Send personalized 1:1 video messages on a

6.3cm * 4.7cm LCD screen.

PitchCard XL is the perfect video card for introducing, connecting and sharing information.

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PitchCard XXL

Send personalized 1:1
video messages on a

9.4cm c 4.8cm LCD screen.

PitchCard XXL is the perfect video card for visualizing your products and demonstrating services.

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  • PitchCard® - Mini
  • PitchCard® - Xl
  • PitchCard® - XXl
  • PitchCard - Mini

    Triade Media

    Triade Media created a successful video card campaign to position three well known international TV stations. Recipients received a personalized video card (Pitchcard XL) containing a 3.00 minute video...
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  • PitchCard® - XXL

    RTL Nederland

    RTL 4 is Netherlands’ most popular television channel, seen as the cradle of successful international TV concepts with programs like Big Brother, X Factor and Holland’s Got Talent...
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  • prod-info


    Nikon, world leader in high-quality photo and film equipment, recently organized a major update event called “I am Inviting You” for its business relations in the Netherlands...
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  • prod-info


    To inform its relations about the expansion of its product segment, Rockmed recently chose VideoNovum’s PitchCard XL to share this joyful news personally...
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Your Video Will Be Seen

Wouldn’t it be great if your video message would be seen by 100% of your target group? Recipients of PitchCards are triggered to open the card and view the entire video message. PitchCards increase your campaigns’ viewership and further promote your brand name. Even better, people talk about it!

How to distribute video messages successfully

PitchCards Are Green

VideoNovum recycles all PitchCards that are returned. Recycling not only delivers a great new product in return, we also use less cardboard, ink, water, energy and fuel. We started this because we feel socially responsible and love creating a product from recycled materials.

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VideoNovum’s PitchCards have more life than one. That’s why we recycle our products. But recyling is only successful in case we all collaborate. When you’ve received a PitchCard and have seen the message, you may decide to send it back to us and profit from VideoNovum’s cash-back incentive.

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PitchCard® Mini: from €15,50 p/piece

PitchCard® XL: from €17,50 p/piece  

PitchCard® XXL: from €24,00 p/piece

Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces


Sign up as a reseller

If your agency shows a successful track-record of selling disruptive media ideas and content to a network of advertisers, we’d like to invite you to the successful reseller program of VideoNovum.

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Sign up as a reseller

Do you own a successful webshop in a relevant area and are you interested to add VideoNovum’s PitchCards to your portfolio? Please submit your URL and website traffic statistics over the past 12 months and we’ll get in touch.

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“VideoNovum aims to help customers approach their relations in a most natural, pleasant and effective way. Video is the medium that gives you the best options to present yourself. Sending video messages via post is secure and inviting. With our unique and personalized PitchCards you can effectively create a meaningful business introduction.”

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